What Is ?

GBO Data Systems, herein referred to as GBODS, will create, free of charge, one Home Page Set for any church requesting the service.

GBODS will create, for a fee, World Wide Web page(s) for interested entities. GBODS reserves the right to refuse to present inappropriate material such as racist, pornographic, etc.

GBODS will be guided by the quote, "Love your neighbor as you love yourself."

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GBO is not the acronym for Great Big Obstacle. Being a model railroader, I needed a name for my layout. The layout represents the 1950 era of the Chicago and Northwestern Railroad between Green and Oconto, Wisconsin. Thus the GBO (Green Bay & Oconto) railroad. This layout has been under construction since 1970. To learn more about Model Railroading, link to Model Railroader Model Railroader Magazine magazine.

The Data Systems phrase comes from my 25 years of experience in the computer industry. I have programmed on IBM and Burroughs main frames, IBM and compatible PCs, and peripheral equipment. I have used operating systems from GCOS to MVS and DOS to Win95. I program in COBOL, BAL, C, and C++. To learn more about computers, link to Microsoft Microsoft Corporation.

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