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American Legion Post 83

Scholarship Criteria

1.  Participation is limited to any senior who is a resident of Sheboygan County, and will graduate from a Sheboygan County high school.           

2.  The applicant should have a military affiliation or connection.  This can be any member of the applicants family with military service.  An example would be a parent or sibling that served in the military, or a grandparent, aunt, or uncle that has served in the military with any branch of the service at any time.
If there is a connection to American Legion Post 83, this should be noted.

3.  The second most important qualification is financial need.

4.  Class ranking should be in the upper 50% of the graduation class.

5.  The student must be well rounded in activities both at school and outside the school.  After school employment will be considered.

6.  A 4-year program is not required.

7.  Any major will be considered.

All students who feel they meet the criteria are encouraged to apply.

The American Legion Post 83 Scholarship Committee will select up to 3 scholarship recipients based on the above referenced criteria.  The scholarship committee will handle the application process, and answer questions from potential applicants, school officials or other associated parties.  The Scholarship Committee has the final ruling on all matters.

A selected recipient may be eligible for other scholarships or awards.

The scholarship committee reserves the right to remove an applicant if mitigating circumstances occur.  For any questions regarding the scholarship application process please contact:


Mike Liebelt
American Legion Post 83
C/O  123 Concord Drive
Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin 53085
Work (920)459-6347
Home (920)467-0630


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